Coaching and Healing

Transcending the Illness Narrative

by Joel Kreisberg, Reggie Marra, John Stoddart, et. al.

Accessible to all and deeply rewarding, Coaching and Healing: Transcending the Illness Narrative is an inspirational guide for every coach and health care practitioner. Weaving together the authors’ own healing narratives, diverse case studies and skillful step-by-step methodology, this book reveals the powerful benefits of shifting one’s story from the conventional medical model of disease and cure, to the powerful honesty of narrative healing. With compassion and clarity, the authors offer coaches, clients and patients, not just a health resource, but a fundamental, essential and deepening way to be within the healing arts and sciences.

“This volume is about the richness of coaching and how coaches augment their clients’ capacity to address healing.”
—Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation, Author, Coyote Medicine and Narrative Medicine


by Maureen Metcalf and Amy Barnes

Of all the topics surrounding leadership today, innovation is one of the most significant. Yet despite the volume of resources exploring both innovation and leadership, most approaches provide directional solutions that are merely anecdotal. In addition, these fictive solutions lack sufficient information for leaders to utilize their own capacities to make measurable change.

As a college student, you are provided with many opportunities to develop your own leadership skills and capacities through coursework, co-curricular involvement, and part or full-time work experiences. You are the future leaders of our companies, our nonprofit organizations, our government, and our education system.

It is extremely important that we, as a society, invest in the development of our future leaders. We know that leadership plays a critical role in today’s ever changing world, and that innovation is a strategic necessity for tackling the tough problems we face today and those we will face in the near future. Ensuing questions on how to lead and where to innovate remain puzzling for leaders and world leaders:

  • What is the role of leadership in times of looming uncertainty?
  • How will organizations innovate to overcome largely unprecedented challenges?
  • And how can we work together and leverage our strengths to more effectively address the future small and large challenges we will encounter in our organizations?

This workbook is designed to help answer those questions and to help you with the critical self evaluation needed to refine and innovate your own leadership skills. It is fundamentally about leadership, yet equally an account of applying innovation.

Self in Integral Evolutionary Mysticism: Two Models and Why They Matter


Two major works have been written within the framework of Integral Wisdom about the nature of Self and God. While they share important features, namely the evolutionary context of the conversation and a vision of Self beyond Ego, their interior visions of the quality of the Self beyond Ego are profoundly different.

Both of these visions of Self-or key dimensions of the two versions-have been adopted, directly and indirectly by many spiritual teachers. In this clear and compelling work Marc Gafni articulates the two models, their shared features, their differences and why-as we seek to articulate an Integral Wisdom-these differences matter so desperately.

“Marc Gafni’s work on Unique Self is compelling, original and powerfully helpful to anyone seeking to understand the relationship between the different aspects of self, enlightenment and God. It has, in many ways, changed the Integral conversation on what it means to be an enlightened self. This brilliant new book goes the next step in exploring the implications of Unique Self. I highly recommend it to any serious student of enlightenment and transformation.”
– Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

“Reading Self has been a fabulous opening for me. What I received from it is the understanding of how my own Unique Self can make intimate contact with the Unique Self of my students, ‘which further elicits the Unique Self of the teacher as well as the student’.  I can now feel how to do it in my teaching, in the personal mentoring, and in my whole life with everyone everywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great liberation that overcomes the illusion of separation and reserve.”
– Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Beyond the Horizon: Glimpses Into the Lives of Exceptional Leaders

by Cam Danielson

Beyond the Horizon is a book of stories, reflections, and insights about living and leading wholeheartedly in an age of rapid transformation. It is told through the lives of an extraordinary group of people who operate at a deep level of being. They have made the work of building a rich inner life—soul work—the means for greater adaptive capacity. This is revealed in their candid stories and lessons for continual growth and development.

“In his deep and scholarly work, Cam really touches on what it takes to become an extra ordinary leader and how one has to operate at the boundaries of one’s comfort to be effective.”

Prasad Kaipa, Co-author of From Smart to Wise: Acting and Leading with Wisdom

“Cam’s book is not a textbook with recommended recipes; it is an open book where you will find yourself in the stories he shares. Cam invites us to a journey of reflection on consciousness, self-transformation, evolution and adaption that will impact your life.”

William Sekkel, Former President, Latin America, for Trane, Thermo King and Hussmann

“Beyond the Horizon is an important book by an important leadership thinker.  In words both provocative and persuasive, Danielson and the leaders he profiles encourage each of us to discover and resiliently bring forth the extraordinary capacity that lies within.”

Joseph A. Braidish, Managing Principal, Newbridge Services Group and

Director of Consulting and Training, Rummler-Brache Group

Eros/Power:Love in the Spirit of Inquiry

by Hilary Bradbury and

William Torbert

Can you approach love in a way that opens your eyes rather than blinds you? Can you love passionately, compassionately, and dispassionately all at once? Can you love non-possessively but with commitment? Can you love inquiringly, bringing benefit to your beloveds? What is the relationship between your spiritual life and embodied love? How are we each to engage this great life adventure, in spite of our unique wounds? In this book filled with passion, compassion, and dispassion, Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert go way, way out on a limb.

Sharing their erotic autobiographies with us— the beautiful and the ugly—starting with the history of their relationship with one another as professor and student, they invite exploration of the secret places where true love gets lived (and gets crushed). They ask us to reflect on our own stories of love and loss as a way to re-imagine the whole world of erotic friendship in more life affirming ways, at home, at play and at work. Coaxing love under the sign of inquiry they suggest that we already know that passionate love can enchant us, exerting a power over us that can feel like the most liberating feeling in the world. Yet it can also lead us into torturous agony. They discuss the exercise of power to love rather than imprison self and other. These pages invite you to invite yourself and your friends further into this living inquiry, inviting love with inquiry, joining Eros with Power.

Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment


According to the leading voices in the field of contemporary spirituality this long awaited volume “changes the game”. Your Unique Self changes the game both in terms of our understanding of what enlightenment means and why it matters and even more importantly, in terms of our understanding of the self and its relationship to the larger contexts of life and relationship.  The evolutionary emergence of Unique Self is both a new chapter in Integral theory as well as a powerful evolution of the very idea and experience of enlightenment. Unique Self enlightenment is the emergence of the personal beyond the impersonal, self beyond ego. It is the manifestation of personal individuation beyond ego. The implications of this revolutionary and evolutionary teaching for enlightenment, evolutionary spirituality, shadow work, love, sexuality, parenting, education, politics, relationship, evolutionary we-space and much more are brilliantly and beautifully evoked in this ground breaking volume.

Knowing the Knower: An Integral Science of Self

by Lex Neale

Knowing the Knower guides readers on an exciting journey into the celestial mechanics that underlie Consciousness, Mind and Energy and probes for answers to questions that are the hallmarks of the curious mind. “What is Consciousness? Energy? Life? Mind? Matter?” “How do they all come together as a human being capable of experiencing what can only be described as the Absolute Truth underlying all existence?” The Knower draws on cultural knowledge, ancient wisdom and cutting edge scientific research to lead the curious traveler to a unified model of Integral Relativity that explains these underpinnings of the human experience. In this Information Age, the empirical and experiential proofs of phenomena are at last being allowed to proceed hand in hand, resulting in a grand unification of subjective and objective disciplines. Sri Aurobindo in his Integral Idealism philosophy said that experiential proof elevates mere philosophy to wisdom. Socrates said, “Know your Self,” elevating mere science to Science. “To Know” underlies Truth.

Dialectical Thinking for Integral Leaders: A Primer

by Otto Laske

This is the first book linking integral leadership to dialectical thinking and to adults’ lifelong cognitive development. It offers a potent framework for cognitive coaching, rewiring team dynamics and responding to market shifts without the burden of ponderous legacy structures. In carefully calibrated steps marked by four moments of dialectic, the book demonstrates how to think dialectically in matters of organizational relevance, foremost that of surviving disruptive technologies by transforming corporate discourse. It offers the best resources philosophical thought makes available to leaders today.

Written by Otto Laske, an expert in transformational thinking, the book initiates you into a deeper awareness of how you could be thinking if you veered away from the habitual fixation of WHAT you think toward HOW you think. The book is addressed to integral leaders, whether they are active in organizations, large institutions, think-tanks, community work, or global forums dealing with value creation in support of sustainable development.

RADICAL KABBALAH—a two-book setby Marc Gafni

Book 1: The Enlightenment Teaching of Unique Self,  Non-dual Humanism and the Wisdom of Solomon:  Great Teaching of Ethics and Eros  from Mordechai Lainer of Izbica

This “magisterial” academic volume lays the groundwork for key dimensions of the Unique Self teaching. Gafni introduces in this work the enlightenment teaching of what he terms non-dual humanism. Based on a deep re-reading of over a thousand Aramaic and Hebrew texts, Gafni first outlines the core teaching and then traces the esoteric intellectual history of non dual humanism in five major matrices of the Kabbalah.  In the vision of non-dual humanism the potential democratization of enlightenment opens up a genuine option in which every human being is called to lives “as Source”.

Book 2: The Wisdom of Solomon as the Matrix the Enlightenment Teaching of Non-dual Acosmic Humanism and Unique Self

In the second academic volume of this set, Gafni cracks an esoteric code deep within the Kabbalistic tradition that identifies  “wisdom of Solomon” as being the source of the teaching of non-dual humanism. He then shows that this teaching of the wisdom of Solomon, i.e. nondual humanism, did not originate with Mordechai Lainer of Izbica. Rather, it has deep roots in earlier Zoharic and Lurianic texts all of which received and transmitted the non-dual humanism teaching of the wisdom of Solomon. Nevertheless, it remained to Mordechai Lainer of Izbica to fully explicate and evolve the radically empowering implication of this ancient teaching. In this volume Gafni carefully and rigorously uncovers the hidden teachings of the wisdom of Solomon as they appear in encoded within Hasidic writings waiting to be discovered.

An Integral Guide to Recovery

by Guy du Plessis

Guy du Plessis presents to the recovering addict a progressive recovery map and toolkit suitable for the complexities of today’s world.  This ultra-modern approach to recovery is known as Integrated Recovery, a truly holistic lifestyle approach that provides all the essential structure and knowledge to guide you in working a wholly comprehensive, inclusive, and sustainable recovery program, achieved through an integration of the best contemporary knowledge and personal development tools. Although Integrated Recovery is a novel approach, it has not set out to reinvent the wheel as such, but is a synergistic framework that includes many time-honored recovery practices. Integrated Recovery is a 12-step, abstinence-based approach that is informed by Integral Theory, mindfulness, positive psychology, and existentialism.

This book is dedicated to showing you how to design, plan, and execute your own personalized Integrated Recovery Program – which can be defined as mindfully practicing your physical, psychological, intellectual, existential, social, and environmental dimensions as part of an Integrated Recovery Lifestyle, that is geared towards continued personal growth in relation to self, others, and our being-in-the-world. We are all unique; therefore our recovery paths will also be unique. One size recovery does not fit all. This book will help you find a recovery program that is best suited to your unique needs.

Crazy Wisdom: Tools for Evolving Consciousness

by Tom Thresher

Building around the revolutionary work of Harvard psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey called Immunity to Change, Tom Thresher has designed a process for participants in small groups to develop a new, expansive awareness. Using this process, individuals and eventually communities, are able to make important changes while developing the greater mental and emotional complexity required in today’s world. Tom makes the audacious claim here that faith communities are uniquely situated to lead the evolution of human consciousness to help create a more just, caring and sustainable world. Crazy Wisdom is dedicated to answering how we just might go about doing that.

Integral Healing


Integral Healing will make you cry, it will educate you, it will challenge you, it will empower you, and most importantly, it will give you hope. This book is a must read for or anyone who’s life has been touched by serious illness.

When author Lynne Feldman was told she had two forms of serious cancer, she faced a critical dilemma: What do I do next? Embarking on a 3-year healing journey, Lynne exhaustively researched the best of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine, and then synthesized an approach to healing herself that ultimately led to her recovery. One-part memoir and one-part how-to guide, it outlines the valuable integral approach to healing that she developed along the way, providing you with a practical blueprint for developing an individualized healing program of your own.

“Drawing on Western and Eastern methods, Lynne Feldman has crafted an approach to healing any illness that literally covers all the bases–the causes and the cures–and gives you the best possible chance of recovery. I invite you to follow Lynne on her journey. The next time you–or anybody you care about–become ill, you’ll be very glad you did.”
-Ken Wilber, author of Grace & Grit

Finding Your Creative Core


Dr. Ginger Grant wrote this book for you, a student of life. Each step of the journey has exercises that will lead you to your own unique archetypal symbols and rites of passage. The archetypes you find are the DNA of the soul or psyche, just like the DNA strands in the physical body.

The stages of the journey may be universal, but the more you connect with the universal, the more you will enhance your own unique creative capacity. Grant has “walked this path many times and continue to walk it knowing that if I listen to my creative core, rewards will come. Parts of the adventure are terrifying yes, but know that the path will take you where you need to go.”

A lucid gateway to Joseph Campbell’s monomyth of the hero’s journey, particularly as it can be applied to one’s career. Ginger Grant is an excellent interpreter of this invaluable but sometimes rather difficult body of work. I recommend her highly.
William Gibson, futurist and best-selling author of Neuromancer and Pattern Recognition

What’s Important: Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives


“Cheryl and Kenton have presented us with a valuable gift by clarifying the process of identifying those values that influence our decisions and behavior . . . They have developed a model that brings safety to the reflection process and invites engagement by those who may feel excluded from this vital conversation.

Robert N. Thomas, Ph.D., Professor of the Practice, Institute of Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology

What’s Important is about Values Perspectives: a different way of looking at and working with values, whether you want to really understand what drives your own life and work choices; or if you want to build a foundation of shared values energy with your team, or, align your organization behind a truly shared sense of purpose. Values Perspectives is a twofold approach, supported by an online values survey. It looks, in a non-judgmental way, at both your highest-priority values–your real values–and at the worldview-lens that colors how you interpret your values, and the values of others around you.

This book is about why that matters, and how to understand and work with values to get the most out of them. What’s Important is also a practical handbook for the coach, counselor, teacher, internal or external consultant and change agent who knows that values are our deepest drivers, and that values can unlock immense potential for self-awareness, communication, influence and positive group energy when we know how.

Integral Mindfulness: From Clueless to Dialed-In


Keith Witt has a joyful presence married to a keen therapeutic mind. His writings are accessible but never simplistic, expansive but never ungrounded, and cover serious material, but with a wry sense-of-humor. The wisdom expressed in this book will move you forward mindfully in multiple dimensions of your life.”

—Mark Forman, PhD, Author, A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy  

The courage to make value judgment reminds us that there is no good unless we do it. Keith shows us step by step how our brains can be rewired to move from clueless to mindful and what he calls dialed-in, showing us paths to live happier, more responsible and sustainable lives and relationships.

—Martin Ucik,  Author, Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men

Dialed-in is Integral mindful awareness. Mindful awareness is being aware with acceptance and caring intent, on purpose, with compassionate judgment, in the present moment. Integral mindful awareness is mindful awareness guided by the elegant, priceless perspectives of Integral understanding, which can help us know who we are, what’s really happening around us, and what our purpose is right now. Dialed-in makes everything better. We’re healthier, more joyful, less irritating and way less crazy. Relationships are more fun and less pain. Children thrive. Sex keeps getting yummier. Spirituality intensifies. The world constantly unfolds into interconnecting patterns that make sense and guide thought and action. The good news is that we can learn how to be aware with acceptance and caring intent, on purpose, with compassionate judgment, in the present moment, and we can keep improving at it as long as we live.

Uprising of the Human Spirit


Dr. Eric Towle’s analysis of  the wave of history and the energy within that wave—the consciousness of humanity— illuminates the plight of people today who are trapped between the uplifting of their minds and spirits, and the forces of wealth and power that seek to preserve their obsolete interests at any cost.

This book describes the internal processes of this dynamic while attending to the strategies employed by the power structure in America to control and shape the public mind in support of its faltering economic and foreign policy agenda. This cultural manipulation works counter to the movement of a rising consciousness. It is here, in the mind of the individual, that the uprising begins and it is here where the author offers a new start in the integration of forgotten and neglected capacities of the human mind.

“Towle’s analysis of the great issues of today is framed in a deep
understanding of the historical unfolding of human consciousnessitself, which alone offers the hope for an optimistic future.”

Allan Combs author, Radiance of Being: Consciousness Explained Better


Inner Freedom: Authentically Living the Life You Were Truly Meant to Live


Most of us are living a mistake and we repeat that mistake time and time again, misunderstanding the larger pattern in which we are caught.  The mistake is simple—we unconsciously believe that if we get certain things or become what society tells us we should become, then we’ll be fulfilled.

The simple and profound message of this book is that you have the possibility of living a full and authentic life and in so doing, experience greater fulfillment and joy than you ever imagined possible. Living authentically is the experience of embracing yourself fully and expressing who you are to the fullest extent possible—it is about giving voice to who you are at the deepest level of who you are. And to live life authentically means honoring and supporting others to do the same. It is about being and speaking one’s truth and encouraging others to do the same.

Many have known the extraordinary sense of fulfillment available to us all along. Unfortunately though, it is hard to trust this knowledge as the media bombards us with images to the contrary. What prevents us from living the life we were meant to live is that too many of us live in a trap cultivated and supported by our culture. It is a trap that we chose and didn’t know we chose it, for it is all around us, and expected of us. This book is about the unseen trap and is designed to help you get out of yours.  It is designed to support you in listening from you heart and listening to your body and thoughts and feelings, for they have been trying to tell you something.

INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP Workbook for Nonprofit Executives

by Maureen Metcalf and Dani Robbins

Leadership and innovation are two of the most compelling topics in business today. Yet despite the volume of resources exploring both topics, most approaches provide directional solutions that are merely anecdotal and lack sufficient information to actually allow leaders to make measurable change.

This book can be used independently or in conjunction with Metcalf and Palmer, Innovative Leadership Fieldbook.

INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP  for Emerging Leaders and Managers by Maureen Metcalf

Here is another in a series of workbooks based on Maureen Metcalf and Mark Palmer’s award winning book, Innovative Leadership. Each workbook is designed and addressed to individuals in various contexts.

The current work book is designed for emerging leaders. These are individuals who are poised in their careers or particular new contexts to step into leader roles to address the challenges faced by their companies and communities. This workbook will be added to the library of others that are being used in corporate training programs and academic courses.

  • Innovative Leadership Workbook for Executives
  • Innovative Leadership Fieldbook cover