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Crazy Wisdom: Tools for Evolving Consciousness

Thresher ft coverPraise for Crazy Wisdom

“A superb, fully integrally-informed guide through the tried and tested techniques developed by Robert Kegan and his associates for undermining and releasing resistance to change. If you’re serious about introducing real change in your life, this is the place to start!”
Ken Wilber author of The Fourth Turning and The Integral Vision

“We are proud to call Tom Thresher a colleague, and we heartily recommend this book to any person or community looking to nourish the soul.” Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, authors of Immunity to Change

“At a time when change is a constant and there is a deep hunger for meaning, connection, and relationship within communities of faith, Tom Thresher’s work reminds us to move into our resistance with courage, compassion and a sense of our own identity. Thresher’s work provides us with a methodology for making these shifts.”  Rev. Dr. Bonnie Bates, Associations Associate Minister for the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ

“I have constantly emphasized today’s challenge is linking vital skill sets with the emerging new global Consciousness. Thresher’s masterful interweaving of this message with a detailed understanding of the global transitions re-forming both religion and science worldwide, make this a vital and inspiring book.  Kurt Johnson, PhD, co-author The Coming Interspiritual Age

In this insightful book Reverend Tom Thresher presents a compelling vision for personal and social transformation. Steve McIntosh, author of Evolution’s Purpose and Integral Consciousness


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