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Inner Freedom: Authentically Living the Life You were Truly Meant to Live

merron coverWhat others are saying about Keith Merron’s Inner Freedom

Inner Freedom is an articulate, careful examination into our true nature, one that honors the reader’s intelligence and essential wholeness.  Whether Dr. Merron is identifying the difference between ego, soul, and spirit, or guiding us through an exercise in self-inquiry, he stands in a deeply caring place, teaching as one dear friend would teach another – face to face, sharing and celebrating the full spectrum of our humanness, from our darkest shadows to our greatest light.  This book should be displayed prominently in every library and in every therapist’s office, offered to intelligent seekers who need guidance along the path of awakening to true inner freedom.”

Lion Goodman, co-author, Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras, co-founder of Luminary Leadership Institute


 “If you seek to flourish, to realize your soul-rooted potential then Inner Freedom will show you how. Keith Merron walks his talk – he is a safe and wise guide.”

Dr Mark Atkinson. Physician and Founder of the Academy of Human Potential


 “Do you REALLY want Inner Freedom from that which blocks your True Self expression? This practical guidebook will take you step by step through a profound journey of inspiration and self-reflection to liberate your body, mind and soul from your limiting conditioning. Keith encourages and empowers the reader to rise out of the past restrictions that no longer serve one’s life, in order to give greater opportunity and freedom to embody the True Self. Treat yourself to this book as a guide to create an authentic and magical life.”

Carista Luminare, Psychotherapist, Ph.D.


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