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Innovative Leaders Workbook to Implementing Analytic Programs


Maureen Metcalf and James Brenza

We are living in a transformative time. What many don’t realize is that we have been living in a transformative time for the past 600 years. Change is inevitable and has occurred throughout the ages. Change is accelerating (relative to data growth and computing capacity to harness it), and you need to take action at the inflection points. As we move forward from this inflection point, un-augmented human cognition (the old know) is not sufficient. In every vertical market and just about every field of human endeavor, the magical carbonchemo-electro process known as thinking and the heretofore unaudited mysterious arts of decision making have to be linked with the tools, processes, and practices of business analytics. Organizations must look for new methods to harness this opportunity. They must truly transform their thinking to embrace more responsive strategies, align teams more dynamically, and creatively solve resource shortages. Big data paired with analytics is one solution to harness these opportunities. Your personal and professional success will increasingly come to depend on your ability to collect, organize, analyze, and act on the exponentially increasing mass of information that defines the first moments of the twenty-first century. This Workbook, paired with the Innovative Leadership Fieldbook, points the way to that success.


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