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Radical Kabbalah, Two Volumes

From the author of the award-winning book, Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, in which Marc Gafni presents his view of the emergence of the personal beyond the impersonal, self beyond ego, we bring you the extensive research and analysis underlying his perspectives. The two books in this set provide material and analysis that will intrigue all readers interested in Kabbalah and the subject of enlightenment.

Book 1: The Enlightenment Teaching of Unique Self, Nondual Humanism and the Wisdom of Solomon – The Great Teaching of Ethics and Eros from Mordechai Lainer of Izbica
This “magisterial” academic volume lays the groundwork for key dimensions of the Unique Self teaching. Marc Gafni introduces in this work the enlightenment teaching of what he terms nondual humanism. Based on a deep re-reading of over a thousand Aramaic and Hebrew texts, Gafni first outlines the core teaching, and then traces the esoteric intellectual history of nondual humanism in five major matrices of the Kabbalah. In the vision of nondual humanism, the potential democratization of enlightenment opens up a genuine option in which every human being is called to live “as Source.”

Book 2: The Wisdom of Solomon as the Matrix of the Enlightenment Teaching of Nondual Acosmic Humanism and Unique Self
In the second academic volume of this set, Gafni cracks an esoteric code deep within the Kabbalistic tradition that identifies “wisdom of Solomon” as being the source of the teaching of nondual humanism. He then shows that this teaching of the wisdom of Solomon, i.e. nondual humanism, did not originate with Mordechai Lainer of Izbica. Rather, it has deep roots in earlier Zoharic and Lurianic texts all of which received and transmitted the nondual humanism teaching of the wisdom of Solomon. Nevertheless, it remained to Mordechai Lainer of Izbica to fully explicate and evolve the radically empowering implication of this ancient teaching. In Book 2 Marc Gafni carefully and rigorously uncovers the hidden teachings of the wisdom of Solomon as they appear in encoded within Hasidic writings waiting to beĀ  discovered.


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