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Transversity cover

 Transdisciplinary Approaches in Higher Education


Sue L.T. McGregor and Russ Volckmann

F0reword by Alfonso Montuori

At the beginning of the 21st century, universities are facing tremendous challenges. One of the core challenges is addressed thoughtfully and insightfully in this global overview of transdisciplinarity. There are many reasons why transdisciplinarity is about to become a vital new way for us to understand learning, knowledge, education and arguably our very existence. Perhaps the most important reason for exploring, if not immediately embracing, transdisciplinarity, is that the kind of knowledge that is generated by water-tight disciplinary compartments is simply not sufficient to address the tremendous changes the world is experiencing. Here you will discover how programs in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Austria and the European Union are beginning to take on those challenges.

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