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Your Unique Self: An Integral Path to Success 3.0

There are two great questions that every person must answer:

Who are you? Are you willing to play a larger game?

Every person is an irreducibly unique expression of All-That-Is. Every individual has unique gifts with the ability to address a unique need–a unique need that can only be addressed by that person. Marc Gafni and Kate Maloney explore enlightenment within a modern context from the perspective of holding a worldcentric and kosmocentric consciousness, experiencing both compassion for and identity with the larger world. Become the hero of your own life. Wake up. Grow up. Show up. Free up the enlightened creativity of your entrepreneurial spirit.

Your Unique Self 3.0 is a re-edited and condensed release of Marc Gafni’s groundbreaking book Your Unique Self (Integral Publishers, 2012) targeted to spiritually conscious entrepreneurs and changemakers establishing their connection with the larger world.



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